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Second part of Lil Wayne sex tape came out! (NSFW)

Ok, I think by now we all saw the first part of the Lil Wayne sex tape, which was a lame ass few second snippet of him having sex with two strippers. The second part however is a lot better. On this part of the sex tape he can be seen laying on bed while one of the strippers ride him. Then he proceeds to eat out the ass of the other. It’s worth watching! Check it out below:

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Lil Wayne sex tape leaked! (NSFW, watch here)

Our main man Weezy has come out with a sex tape and you can see it here! The tape came out just now and features Weezy with just his socks on a bed with two strippers. They proceed to ride him and you can clearly see his cock. Also the strippers are naked. The action however starts later in the video and is cut off in this teaser. You can see the full video here.

Lil Wayne’s ex (Karrine Steffans) started ranting about the sex tape on Twitter, posting bullshit messages cracking on our great Weezy. Just take a look at the Twitter messages below. I say fuck that bitch.

I guess that bitch is mad for being dumped for the sorry ass she was and still is. Our man Lil Wayne has rocked the showbiz by bringing out a tape and us fans are all proud of him. Be sure to check out the full Lil Wayne sex tape here.